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                                                                                         MISSION & PHILOSOPHY

 (1)  We believe that proper and thorough knowledge and training in the fundamentals and techniques of handguns are critical keys for handling and operating guns safely and effectively. We offer classes for the NEW and EXPERIENCED shooter. Our 7-hour classes are planned to cover several in-depth and necessary topics to help you be more proficient and safe with guns. For example, in addition to the 8 fundamentals, 11 safety rules, and other basics, we cover several laws and useful guidelines for concealed carry, a practical checklist for deciding when and when not to use deadly force, and specific techniques and procedures for solving common malfunctions and stoppages. Experienced (and less experienced) shooters will find the refresher personal, ONE-ON-ONE live-fire range instruction and accuracy tips very helpful and relaxed, but professional.

 (2)  We believe that handguns ownership and use come with the responsibility to society, yourself, and your loved ones. It is our duty and responsibility to take advantage of a right afforded to us in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to defend ourselves and our loved ones if necessary. We want to personally assume immediate responsibility for our own safety and not be a victim.

We recognize that criminals, ruthless bad people, violent behaviors, and dangers DO realistically exist. Sadly, there is "Bad" in the world. While we want to focus on the positive and good, we must recognize that there is evil and we do not want to ignore the ever-present dangers among us. We want to BE PREPARED just in case. Realistically, we want to head-off any negative, predatory acts of criminals for our own self-defense before crimes happen. AVOID encounters first, if safely possible to do so. 

Convicted felons or those restricted by law from firearm ownership/use are prohibited from attending Class. We reserve the right to limit class enrollment, attendance, and completion for safety and/or rules or legal infractions, inappropriate behavior, or for any reason, as determined solely by the instructors.

 (3) All classes are designed to comfortably challenge the student in a friendly, relaxed NON-INTIMIDATING environment, as well as to promote a sense of security and self confidence in ones ability to react to life and death situations.

 (4)                                     ** Courses Meet the Training Requirements   

                        for FL CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE application.**
                                (FL law minimum age for Concealed Carry Weapons Licensure is age 21.)

 (5) All classes have about 4-5 students per class, so there can be One-On-One Attention to each student's personal goals and needs, especially during live-fire at the range. There must be at least four students registered for each class offering, no more than 6 students each class, and 4-5 students a class is preferred.
 (6) Classes are taught EVERY DAY of the week, except Mondays and can be CUSTOMIZED for your specific day requirements. The Classroom portion of the course is held in the Pensacola-Ensley, FL area followed by the Range portion on the SAME DAY which is held in the nearby Pensacola-Cantonment, FL area. Contact us to arrange details of group classes in another location near you.

 (7) Students will shoot .22LR, .380, 9mm, and .38 special caliber pistols and revolvers, time permitting, and ALL GUNS and AMMO will be provided. Students do NOT have to possess or own a gun for the course. Course Proficiency will be demonstrated using a .22LR target pistol, to enhance accuracy. Every effort will be made to coach and help you in a Relaxed, Stress-Free but professional way. A COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE will be given, confirming you met proficiency requirements. SAFETY is the foremost goal for all classes.

 (8)  In Classroom State-of-the-Art SIMULATED Live-Fire with functioning SAFE AirSoft Exact-Replica Metal Handguns. Students will shoot functioning replicas of Colt 1911 .45 and H&K P-30 9mm handguns at classroom targets, firing safe plastic BBs. An excellent experience to enhance aiming and trigger control, magazine loading-unloading, slide racking, etc. without the loud "bang" and recoil prior to actual Range live-fire. Eye and ear protection are required and SAFETY is emphasized.

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