Florida Handguns Training

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Florida Handguns Training

    JOIN or RENEW NRA MEMBERSHIP- Discount Prices for All Terms
    CALL 850-484-3221 & Join with a Credit Card By Phone.

      ALL Classes are Taught by NRA-Certified Firearms Instructors.
                           Florida Concealed Carry License Application.
      ALL Classes have NO MORE THAN 6 STUDENTS- Most with 4-5.
      ALL Classes are NON-INTIMIDATING, Relaxed, but PROFESSIONAL.
ALL Classes provide ONE-on-ONE PERSONAL Live-Fire Guidance. 
NOTE:  (1)  Classes can be offered on YOUR Preferred Date, if at least 4 students enroll; 
               (2) TO REGISTER: Complete the short Form at the bottom of this Page & Click Submit;  
                     OR Email us at FloridaHandgunsTraining@cox.net OR Call us at 850-484-3221
               (3)  Parent and/or Legal Guardian required to Register those under age 18 and sign
                      Waiver-Release Agreement;  
               (4)  Students must be at least age 18 to attend all classes, EXCEPT classes taken to 
                      meet Hunter Education-Safety requirements for FL Hunting Licenses
                      or other exceptions as agreed to; and
               (5)  Youth age 16 or older must attend classes with Live-Fire shooting requirements, in
                      order to satisfy FL Hunting License requirements. It is required that one
                      parent/guardian (no charge) attend class with any youth under age 18; and
               (6)   Applicants must not be disqualified or prohibited under any local, state, or federal     
                      law from owning, using, possessing, or handling guns per BATF 4473.  
Handgun Skills, Safety, and Concealed Carry Course (6 Hours- Classroom & Range in 1 day- $115. + $10. Range Fee.) Teaches & reviews the foundational knowledge, skills, and current techniques for operating handguns safely. This course is for inexperienced AND experienced shooters, with personal range attention for individual needs. It includes guidance in live-fire shooting of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students will NOT take a written Student Examination, but will demonstrate live-fire proficiency at the range, and receive a Course Completion Certificate. Florida and general legal considerations & use of deadly force topics included. This course meets training requirements for FL Concealed Carry License application. ALL AMMO AND GUNS PROVIDED, along with light snacks & bottled water. Students will have opportunity to shoot 3-4 DIFFERENT CALIBERS of guns, with guns and ammo included, time permitting. Also includes selected handouts, materials, & access to articles. Col Ben's Concealed Carry-Handgun Essentials Personal Protection Book INCLUDED.

If you would like an Outline of the Topics for the class, please contact us.
The Classroom portion for most classes is held in North Pensacola-Ensley, FL (Pensacola Blvd. or Highway 29 North); the Range live-fire portion is held at the nearby private Escambia River Gun Club near Pensacola-Cantonment, FL. Classes with live-fire Range time require payment of $10 Range Fee to the private gun club. Contact us for other locations near you for your group class.

Minimum of 4 students required to offer each class, unless previous arrangements made. Contact Col Ben or Karen for arrangements. Total Instructor's Fee (Non-Refundable) per student (by Cash or Money Order or Credit Card (by phone) required well in advance of class date (8-10 days) to reserve date and for ammo & materials purchase, Certificate printing, etc., as classes fill quickly. Receipt provided. With the small classes for individual attention, if a student cancels just 4-5 days before a class it is difficult to recruit other students for the class and is costly. No class finalized until Instructor's Fee paid in full before class.

  If necessary, rescheduled classes or re-qualifications are at the SOLE discretion of the Instructors.

Note:  Please let us know if you have any medical conditions we should know about for safety and health reasons prior to class and BEFORE range live-fire (e.g. diabetes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, intense shaking, severe muscle tremors, uncontrolled high blood pressure, breathing or heart, hearing or visual problems, etc.) and if you require special accommodations. Always discuss your medical condition and shooting with your Doctor BEFORE SHOOTING, especially while pregnant or breastfeeding. It is your responsibility to get your Doctor's approval in advance for ANY possible medical complications and considerations. All desiring to attend class and students must be capable of handling and shooting a handgun safely. Deaf and hearing impaired students are invited to attend classes and may bring with them a qualified person to assist them during instruction. There will not be an ASL qualified person assisting the course instructor during the regularly scheduled classes. However, upon a request from at least six deaf and/or hearing impaired students, a special course for the deaf-hearing impaired will be conducted with a qualified ASL assistant.


Please submit this Registration Form to us to confirm one of the above specific CLASSES you desire and your Class DATE (s) preferred. You will be contacted and every effort made to Schedule your Class and Date Preferences. Contact us by Phone or Email if you have questions or want to Register by Phone or Email. PLEASE enter the Security Code below in the space provided, to help avoid spam replies. THANK YOU!
PHONE:  850-484-3221        EMAIL: FloridaHandgunsTraining@cox.net

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