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Florida Handguns Training

Don S. Firefighter & Military Veteran
.-NRA Phase 2 Course. The class was very helpful, I learned some things & had a good time. The grip technique details were helpful, since I learned the old Teacup grip. I do like the Modified Isosceles Stance & will use it, since I have shoulder bursitis & that stance is more comfortable. The 8 fundamentals, legal guidelines, and classroom examples were all very helpful. The deadly force scenarios showed you have a short time to make decisions. The instructors injected humor & personal stories to make it interesting & were very patient & helpful. No problem for Level 1 NRA qualification. I recommend this class.

Dr.B.J.- M.D.
Really enjoyed the class! What an informative look at handguns, cc, and safety. It was a privilege to attend Col Ben's class. I would highly recommend both his book and the class. He has the knowledge and is so willing to share. Shooting well is all about the little details. He has them all. His Concealed Carry & Handguns Essentials book is an interesting read and if you can take his class you will not be disappointed.

Dr. Michaela & Daniel W. We had an AMAZING time in class. You both are wonderful & kind & your knowledge & methods of teaching are second to none! We both learned so much in a short time & thank you so much for the class & your patience. Extremely helpful class. All of the concepts were explained in detail & the “hands on” classroom & range experiences were VERY helpful. The legal information was very informative as were the basics, such as proper way to grip a gun. Hearing actual examples of various situations really gave meaning to the concepts & I could listen to Ben’s stories all day long…we loved it! The insights will cause us to view things very differently when carrying. We felt safe at ALL times during the class & on the range. I was so nervous coming in & felt that I was going to do terrible, but at no point did I feel self-conscious or ashamed. Karen & Ben did an excellent job of helping me build my confidence in the handling of a firearm. Col Ben's Book is an excellent resource…very informative & fantastic that they handed out a free copy. Most definitely highly recommend the class!

Athena & Amber, Mom & Daughter. We definitely enjoyed the class & range instructions. Ben and Karen were wonderful instructors & things did not get monotonous. They were extremely friendly, patient, with great senses of humor. It seemed to have went by entirely too quickly. I learned a LOT! The APA Checklist for using deadly force & applying it in scenarios was most important. The proper 8 fundamentals were very helpful. Also useful were the trigger actions types, the penetration, expansion, travel distance of bullets, etc. The examples were spot on & helped make sense of the subjects. The incident of the home intruder stealing equipment was very eye opening. I really appreciate Col Ben's book & have already referred back to it to refresh my memory. It is a wonderful reference tool. I have recommended your class to co-workers. Thank you again! 

Mary, Manny, & Girls, IT Manager, Medical Tech, School Teacher, Project Engineer, Houston, TX. (Experienced & Inexperienced shooters.) Thank you so much for everything. If you are ever in our Houston area, we would be happy to take you to dinner. We enjoyed the class & the time just flew by.  It was very informative and even though 2 of us had taken a gun safety class before, we talked about how much more we learned in this class. Your 4-Step Shooting Process was tremendously helpful and the guidelines for correcting your accuracy, how to correctly hold a gun, and proper aiming techniques were great. The bank robbery and parking spot scenarios helped us realistically think about all the situational considerations. You made the class personable and interesting and you were extremely patient to those who had never shot a gun before. The video and your articles helped us learn a lot. Most definitely will recommend your class. Looking forward to reading your concealed carry book.

Mike E. Overall the class was excellent. I learned many things, mainly on the technical side for improving my accuracy. Prior to class I wondered if it would be boring and drawn out, but that was never the case. The time flew by and the material was never dry. Even though I was familiar with most of the topics, I learned something in each area. I thoroughly enjoyed the classroom material as well as the range session and couldn't have asked for a better experience. The real-world examples really set the tone for how to handle a handgun and the impact from a legal  perspective. The instructors had great attitudes and the atmosphere stayed positive and fun. I will be recommending this course to everyone I know and in fact already told someone.

Jeremy R. Thanks for an excellent class and a great experience. The information was great for both veteran and new gun owners. I have been shooting for years and there was a lot of useful information given in a no-pressure environment. How to properly grip the gun was a huge help, as I have been gripping the gun incorrectly over the years. The real-life scenarios made the legal topics a lot easier to understand and really helped me. I had fun as well as Ben & Karen really made the class enjoyable. I will recommend this class. 

Kevin B. The sight picture & how it is different from sight alignment stuck out to me. I didn't realize there were that many different sight pictures. The Grip technique was a little hard to get use to, but it did help me get a better hold on the pistol & improved accuracy. I did not know that I was doing it wrong all these years. The deadly force examples in the classroom really brought to life the real situations I could be faced with & helped me know what to evaluate and if I should use deadly force. The way Ben & Karen used comedy in the classroom while keeping it serious, made the class enjoyable to be there. I recommend this class to anyone who not only wants to get a concealed carry license, but also to anyone wanting to learn the laws & proper techniques for carrying and shooting a weapon.

Patricia W. I really enjoyed the class! All 8 fundamentals & the legal considerations were well taught & the examples were very useful. There was a lot of information to process, but it was a very enjoyable & knowledgeable experience. I hope in a stressful situation the information will stay with me, but that comes with practice, practice. Some things that stick out to me are keeping my finger off the trigger, being aware of the variables in the situation & your surroundings, knowing the deadly force laws, proper grip & trigger press tips. Both Col Ben & Karen were very gracious when helping with my trigger press & thank you for sharing your knowledge; it shows. Your book is a great future reference. I have recommended your class to my friends & patients. 

Russell G. The instructors' knowledge & expertise were excellent & their relaxed & personable demeanor created a very positive environment. The fundamentals were helpful, especially the review of Grip. Overall, the course was helpful as a refresher & covered a wide range of topics. I appreciate the ballistics expertise. Classroom examples were extremely helpful, e.g. shoot-don't shoot scenarios. The legal information, checklist, & guidelines were extremely helpful for a possible deadly-force encounter. The decision framework & criteria are extremely important for us seeking concealed carry. I enjoyed spending the time. Certainly recommend this class.

Jay B.  A quality NRA Pistol Shooting Course that I would recommend. The fundamentals and aiming topics were especially helpful and thorough. Thank you!

Sadie M. - The class was very helpful & the instructors were informative in first covering the basics & then delving into a deeper understanding. Col Ben was extremely helpful from the legal topics to the shooting techniques to gun safety. I learned a lot about concealed carry. I am a 24-year-old female & was hesitant to take the class & felt uncomfortable with firearms before the class. Col Ben's very thorough instruction made me feel comfortable with guns, safety, & the legal aspects should I ever need to defend myself with deadly force. It wasn't the male-dominated atmosphere I expected, but rather a dissemination of information that was very friendly, inviting, and I felt comfortable. The various scenarios & examples made me more confident about how to protect myself in self-defense situations. I've already recommended this class to others. Thank you!

Cathy J. Course was enjoyable & met all my requirements. I gained a new appreciation for weapons & how and when to use them. Follow-up training with Col Ben will be well worth the time & investment. He is a great instructor, very thorough & patient- wonderful instruction and learning experience! Thank you for your articles.

Dr. Robert C. Outstanding firearms knowledge & teaching ability. Outstanding explanation of considerations for use of Deadly Force.

Dale D.  Excellent class. My knowledge base increased 10-fold. Time on Range was very helpful & Col Ben worked with me privately on my grip and trigger pull to increase my accuracy. Ready for the next level of training with him.

Toni W.  I loved how attentive Col Ben was during the live-fire exercises, guiding us through each step & giving positive feedback on our technique. It was very encouraging for this first-time shooter. Safe & proper handling of firearms was very helpful and so was the live fire. I got 3 bullseyes.

James I.  Excellent class and exceptional teaching! Col Ben was very professional & I would highly recommend his classes to everyone. His presentation was top notch & nothing could be added to make it better. I recommend him to everyone who is considering self-defense training.

Col Wayne F., USMC (Ret)/Pilot: This training course was outstanding; well-organized; well-presented. Even though I've had considerable training as a Marine Corps officer, I learned several new skills that have helped my shooting & my safety practices. I particularly liked the tag-team teaching instruction in the classroom with Col Ben and Karen. This kept the classroom moving very well & was a nice change of pace. Col Ben's humor and thorough knowledge really enhanced the instruction. The simulated handguns were very helpful for preparing ahead for the range live fire. A terrific course! I checked several Concealed Carry courses & found this one to be the best value by far. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is pursuing a Concealed Carry License and to anyone who wants to improve their shooting skills.

Kelvin K.  Great instructor! Lots of useful fundamental facts you wouldn't think about. Very personable and professional instructor who takes time to make sure you understand the firearm basics, safety principles, and existing firearm laws. Will certainly recommend him and class to my friends and want to take more training with Col Ben.

Dave W. Great Training! Very impressed with Ben's professionalism & ability to teach at my level of experience- 22+ years Navy terrorist team experience & 4 tactical courses & I learned new shooting techniques that helped with my accuracy & concealed carry.

Capt Fran M., USN, M.D. Outstanding job in the classroom & at the range by Ben & Karen. This retired physician never shot a handgun before & this was a fantastic, thorough, & fairly-priced course. The safe, classroom firing of simulated guns at targets was great preparation & very helpful for me with stance, grip, loading-unloading, aiming, etc. for the actual range live-fire. Ben's 1-2-3-4 Process is a perfect pre-shoot checklist. I highly recommend this course.

Richard & Lynn S. & Daughters- The class was very helpful & we learned a lot. Many fundamentals & much material were covered while keeping the class interesting & fun. The situational awareness exercise was helpful & kept the class mood light. The legalities of carrying & using a weapon & the ramifications of your decisions were very insightful. The grip techniques helped me the most & made a big difference in my shooting control & accuracy. But the safe handling range techniques, loading, & unloading were also very useful.  We decided on our home defense pistol based on your insight about how to choose the right gun for your application. We will recommend your class.

Prof. John A.  I enjoyed your class & really learned quite a bit. It was fun & informative. Ben & Karen were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and are great instructors. Your recommendations provided good foundations for improving my aim & accuracy. The shooting stance & grip basics were very helpful. Your information reinforced that accuracy is more important than caliber &  equipment. The shooting techniques learned in class helped the entire class qualify at the range. The emphasis on trigger control & eliminating as much movement as possible while shooting was key at the range. The examples about the legal aspects of carrying  & concealing a weapon were great. I highly recommend this class to beginners and to experienced  gun owners. Thanks so much for your class.

David J.  I really enjoyed the class & thank you. I have been shooting guns since I was a kid, but wanted more training so found you on the NRA website & glad I did. I learned a lot about proper gripping the gun, shooting, & learned I have been shooting with the wrong eye my whole life. I became aware of some of the gun laws I didn't know about & got clarification on laws I wasn't sure of. The exercises were very helpful, fun, & helped my situational awareness. Everything was very informative & sometimes entertaining to lighten the mood & keep the class relaxed. I will recommend the class to many.

Dr. Bradley L. I enjoyed the class very much & thank you for a positive, non-intimidating, & relaxed experience. Your Grip & sight picture techniques were very helpful & made an immediate improvement in my accuracy. The sight picture guidelines were never explained to me before & your explanations really helped me. The legal scenarios were challenging & your guidance helped with application of force decisions in various situations. I will be making referrals this week to my friends & co-workers. Thank you!

Miguel V. The handguns class you taught was the most informative and fun class I have taken for any of my self-defense certifications. Thank you so much for your wisdom and sharing your experiences. I am certified to teach martial arts in two areas and in Krav Maga. Two of my courses dealt with handgun tactics and safety and were good, but your course took the cake for quality of knowledge. You have helped make me a more proficient teacher.  Thank you for not just giving me a piece of paper, but for a great learning experience.

Kenny P. Everybody needs to take this class. Col Ben presented information very effectively. We had a good time in class and also on the Range. Really learned a lot in the class and at the Range. Most informative and a fun class. 

Nancy H., R.N.  Awesome Instructor! Very good class; great information; relaxed learning environment; Most definitely will recommend class. Excellent basic firearm instruction and skills presented.

Gail S.  Col Ben is an Outstanding instructor, extremely knowledgeable, thorough & organized. Hands-on Range instruction was thorough, informative & he is very patient when covering real pertinent details for you. Without a doubt, Range time was very beneficial.

Katie K.  The one-on-one Range instruction was especially beneficial for me, but everything in the course was extremely helpful. Ben was very patient and understanding of our questions. He gave us examples and the legal scenarios were great because they gave me a better understanding of  firearms fundamentals. Thanks and I will definitely recommend this course.

Capt. Mark B.  An honor to be taught these fundamentals by a professional. The legal principles & cases about when to shoot or not were most helpful. The best money I've spent in awhile. I'm sending my 2 daughters over to take this class from Panama City Beach.

Amanda M.
Air Force Officer. We enjoyed the class & it was definitely helpful. While I had previous training, I learned a lot about Florida
state laws & the fundamentals. The 1-2-3-4 Method from sight alignment to trigger press was really helpful & a steadier shot is possible for me now. The legal guidelines, checklist, scenarios, & situational awareness exercise were definitely beneficial. Both instructors were very friendly, nice, & approachable & it felt like I was being taught by a family member. I have already recommended the class to others.

 Renee K. Class was very helpful and a lot of information for a short time. Instructors were great!!! Ben & Karen made the class fun & friendly. Ben rebounded pretty good after a new shooter student negligently "killed" him with a replica BB gun in the classroom. The legal portions were very good & would loved to have had more time for them. Thanks for bringing the Ruger SR9C for me to shoot. I will recommend your class & already have.

Dr. Michael B.- Sacramento CA. I highly recommend Col. Ben for both private & group training for the newest or soon to be gun owner on to the seasoned veteran shooter. He has great emphasis on safety, clear concise power point presentations to outline what will be presented, & a keen eye to spot any flaws or areas in your technique that could be improved to help you build solid fundamentals & fine tune your shooting for improved consistency and accuracy. As a veteran shooter who has taken many private & group shooting classes from several of the top schools & instructors in the country, I greatly enjoyed my time with Col. Ben & look forward to seeing him again for private lessons when I am in his part of the country.

Tom & Sue G. We both are happy we took the class & learned a lot. Ben & Karen worked hard to make everyone feel comfortable & that was great. The class was helpful for me as an experienced shooter & for my wife as a first-time shooter. She couldn't hit the target until she was given further hands-on instruction to understand how to do it. As for me, I learned a lot of fundamentals and techniques that I had never been taught before. We especially liked the 1-2-3-4 Shooting Process to help us prepare to shoot. The class was a bargain at the price. Thanks to you both for a job well done & glad we found you.

Scobie W., Former Deputy Sheriff-FL, AL,TX; CCW Permit Holder-Multi-States & Pipeline Safety Manager- The class was very helpful, no matter how much experience & training one has, & I enjoyed it. The grip & stance techniques were new to me & I joined the gun club to practice. I found the stories & statistics very enlightening & effective regarding incidents & effectiveness of the different calibers & the right or wrong way of doing things. Ben's teaching method is gentle-but-firm & is very effective. His range safety & control is comforting, especially when around inexperienced shooters. The replica training guns in the classroom were very helpful to reinforce grip & trigger pull in a safe environment. This course was much more expensive in TX. I would recommend any class you teach; I enjoyed learning from you.Thank you.

Paula C. The class was very helpful. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I hadn't shot for about 30 years &  learning about sight alignment & sight picture was extremely helpful . I am so glad I took this class.  I liked the tag team approach & repetition of key facts in a professional but still relaxed classroom environment. This made it a great learning experience & allowed time to pass quickly. I hope to attend your other classes in the future. Thank you so much.

 Thank you so much for the class today! I feel way more comfortable shooting after learning the correct grip, stance, & other techniques. Your 1-2-3-4 Shooting Technique helped tremendously & I will use it in the future. The legal guidelines were really helpful & made me realize the importance of critical thinking related to gun laws, the use of deadly force, & how the courts work in different legal scenarios. The 9 criteria for a personal handgun made me feel a lot more comfortable for buying a handgun. Both instructors were very positive, understanding, & honest. I recommend this class to anyone & everyone! I will tell my friends & family & I want more private lessons.

Rita B. Col Ben was very thorough and informative and had a way of making you feel comfortable. I had not shot in many years and it was beneficial to learn how to safely handle firearms. He went out of his way to help me. Will recommend his course to others. Thank you!

Allen G. Lt Cmdr, USN (Ret)- I highly recommend this class to anyone. It was informative from top to bottom. If I had the same instruction 35 years ago, then I would probably have been an army officer rather than a naval officer. Everything about the class was so helpful, but the grip training helped me the most. Using the replica guns in the classroom helped make the range less stressful before using real guns at the range. Very good touch. The class was very fairly priced & a friend couldn't believe the cost and with ammo included.

Donovan L.
I really enjoyed the class & time at the range. It was refreshing & enlightening on many topics. I learned new information about pistol grip & Florida law regarding CCL. 
The class gave me a tool to help me slow down my shooting so I don't rush through my shooting. The legal scenarios showed me the importance of situational awareness & how subjectivity can play a big role in the determination of the outcome of the law. The instructors were patient & helpful & I recommend this class to EVERYONE.

 Wave W. Thank you for the professional training; I learned a great deal. I had shot about 20 years ago & know that Col Ben trained me safely & correctly; Range training was ery complete emphasizing safety which made me feel very comfortable on the Range.

Robin B.  Ben is a fabulous Instructor, very knowledgeable & professional. Personal gun handling was most beneficial as was the AOI Checklist. Would recommend this course to anyone and I'll be back for more classes. Also, want more of your good Articles.

Matthew R.  Class definitely met my needs for a fundamentals refresher for Sky Marshall application.

Jack J.  The class overall was great & I really enjoyed it. I had my CCW License in Maryland & I thought the class might be too elementary, but it was a great refresher and provided new relevant information, specifically in the area of Florida Law and suggestions for carry techniques & handguns. The use of the replica guns was especially helpful to work on my stance and grip "update". I wholeheartedly recommend the class and hope to have my wife take the class in the coming weeks.

Raymond & Robin M. As previous concealed carry licensees in two other states & senior citizens, we have renewed our sense of concealed carry responsibilities based on the class. We are happy to have attended the class & to have learned the Florida regulations & applications for deadly force. The review of safe &  intelligent weapons handling was helpful & reaffirmed our carry weapons choices. Now we are refocusing on our weapon for home defense and self-defense. Having a male & female instructor allowed viewpoints of both genders. Thanks for your help and we will recommend the class.

Dr. George S. I really enjoyed the class. Gun handling was especially enlightening & useful. The FL rules & regulations were good. All the topics presented were especially useful & provided a needed mindset for proper & effective use of pistols. Legal guidelines & example scenarios were very informative & provided clear insights. Instructors were very attentive to details & the needs of students & I recommend the class.

Christy W.  Everything about this course was so beneficial! The one-on-one instruction was excellent. Ben's approach was enjoyable and professional. Thank you so very much. Most definitely recommend this class.

James S.
Class was awesome. Col Ben is very knowledgeable & presents the info. in a fun & professional way. I took class as a Refresher given my experiences, but he taught me a lot & I highly recommend him. I learned much about aiming & will take his Intermediate Course.

Tami C.
  The class content was very informative and Dr. Findley was a great instructor, answering all my questions before I even had to ask them. All of the class was so very helpful and the basics and gun safety procedures were well instructed. Thanks!

Barbara H. I never shot a gun before and had zero experience with a weapon. I learned many things like holding a gun properly and safely. Thank you for your help and kind words. I was afraid of the sound of the discharge and jerked when I heard the sound. Your instruction and concern helped me get rid of that fear. Your classroom techniques helped me to focus and learn things I never knew. I appreciate your humor because it helped relax me and your team teaching kept my interest level up. Sight alignment and breathing information were very valuable. The class was a good price and I have recommended your class to others. 

 Tabatha V. Class and  instructor were great! I learned a lot and am so glad I took class. Learning FL laws, the factors, and the decision making process about  when to shoot or not was very beneficial. Helped me to decide about a Concealed Carry License.

Dr. Bob C.  Great job & most definitely would recommend this class to others. Range Live Fire & personal instruction were most beneficial.

Marisha L.  The actual hands-on Range portion of the class, individual guidance, & firing the guns were most helpful. I appreciate Col Ben relating the rules, fundamentals, & examples to actual events in life. I will definitely recommend this class to others.

Glenda D. I am so glad I decided to take this course with Col Ben & his lovely wife. I learned a lot about proper gun use & safety. The last time I had handled a gun was in the 80s & now I learned the proper way to aim with my sights, breathe correctly, etc. I have never had instructors teach the law as well as Col Ben did & it made me ask myself a lot about carrying a concealed weapon. I really enjoyed everything about the class & have told many about it & the fair price. I'm so glad I took their class & I really learned a lot.

Ensign Chris W., USN: This is a great class, taught by two very knowledgeable teachers, who are very good at keeping the atmosphere relaxed & conducive to learning. I truly enjoyed taking the class with them. The class was very helpful & I did learn a lot about handling guns, gun laws, and when you should or should not use your weapon in public. Thank you for the specific & detailed hands on training. The extra commentary & humor helped the class & it  did not seem as long as it was. Using a simulated gun before the real gun was great & it helped to calm my nerves so I could focus on the tasks. The class was very fairly priced for its length & the fact that we got to use their ammo and handguns. The military discount was an added bonus, it would have been worth it  without it as well. I recommend the class to anyone, especially those with little to no experience. Thanks again for everything. 

Daniel R., Coast Guard Officer- Extremely informative. Knowing the FL laws & the different types of actions were very helpful. A great refresher course for any experience level.

Capt Jerry G. Thank you very much Col Ben & Karen for an excellent course & for your expertise in presenting it. Ben your many shooting articles were a nice treat for me. The simulated training guns in the classroom were very helpful before our range live fire. You are both excellent Instructors & your confidence in the fundamentals were very effectively passed on to the student. The split between classroom and range time was outstanding and my Saturday time was well spent.  

Linda P. , RN  I definitely recommend this class to anyone who does or plans to own a gun. I thoroughly enjoyed the class & the information is vital in knowing your rights and responsibilities under FL law, safety & how to protect yourself. I learned a lot about shooting techniques & the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, helpful & engaging. The price is very fair for the amount of time & personal attention I received. I never really learned how to use my "sights" until this class & I was able to hit the target consistently. The classroom use of simulated guns was extremely helpful. Col. Ben & Karen consistently emphasized safety in the class & on the range. The thing that sticks in my mind most is Col. Ben's military experience in shooting & his sharing of examples of how "not" to practice safety and the consequences that resulted.

Lennie F. Thank you! I truly enjoyed the class & I will get my CC license. I learned a lot about the Florida laws on gun ownership & responsibility. The information about how to properly stand & grip your firearm was terrific. The use of the simulated pistol was very helpful & having the chance to try the stance, grip & sight alignment before handling a live firearm was reassuring. The personal care & the way you both presented the class materials made it more memorable than just dry facts. You are a terrific team, great educators, & I highly recommend your class to anyone. The price was more than fair (perhaps a little too low - considering the time, effort, ammo, and materials you brought to class). Thank you both so much.

Toni B.  Col. Ben is awesome and I will recommend the class to my family. Want my boys to take it. Very enjoyable.

Kathy G., Licensed Realtor. The whole classroom experience was very good for someone who had not handled a gun. I was genuinely happy with the experience, content, exercises and also with the physical shooting, both with replicas and real weapons. You both made me feel at ease, comfortable and safe and I was way more successful shooting than I thought I would be. Humor was interjected at appropriate times and to be honest with you, the day flew by. I feel I have a solid base to grow from and also have a better understanding of the myriad of things to take into consideration, thanks to Ben and Karen. The price was very fair and once I purchase my weapon I probably will be back to enroll in another class. I definitely recommend the class.

Emogene & Bill J. The class was most helpful. Can't thank you both enough for your patience, understanding (for those of us not accustomed to handling guns) and your superb knowledge. Also, thank you for your helpful article. We most certainly will recommend the class to others.

Mike T. You were very professional and seasoned, but laid back and fun... a great balance. Learning the proper grip and stance were probably most important to me. Also didn't know about both vertical and horizontal alignment. Want more legal cases. Thanks again and will absolutely recommend the class.







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