CLASSES: MAY 30- Saturday; June 13- Saturday

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CLASSES:  Small & Non-Intimidating;   Our classes have 6 max students & fill quickly. Class spaces are not finalized until payment is made. Call soon to ensure a class space and to arrange payment. Payment can be made by phone with Credit Card, Check in mail, or in person by Cash.  Classes Offered at various Pensacola locations.

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CALL 850-484-3221 for Class Space



*   This course meets and EXCEEDS the Training Requirements for applying for the Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License.

*   An official Certificate will be presented at the end of each class for those successfully completing it; it can be used to apply for the State of Florida-issued License.  The License is $97. for both in and out of state residents.


*   Helps the new student learn AND the experienced student review the foundations, essential knowledge, skills, techniques, and mindset for owning, handling, and operating handguns safely, efficiently, and accurately for self defense and concealed carry.  

*   Has a maxium of 6 students in each class for more INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. 

NOTE: Private classes can be offered for your group on YOUR preferred Date, IF at least 4 students will Register and Attend, without additional charge. CALL FOR DETAILS.


*    Is for both Experienced AND New shooters. 

*    Offers ONE-ON-ONE ASSISTANCE during the Range live-fire from an experienced and NRA-Certified Instructor based on the individual student's level of experience and proficiencies. Students will demonstrate their proficiency with a .22LR Caliber pistol at close tactical self-defense distance.

*    Offers an environment for learning that is NON-INTIMIDATING, relaxed, and practical, but professional.

 *    Emphasizes SAFETY and the 11 Rules of Safety (also available in Col Ben's Book "Concealed Carry & Handgun Essentials for Personal Protection" included for FREE for class students.) 

*     Emphasizes LEGAL aspects of using DEADLY FORCE in self defense, as well as the 8 fundamentals of shooting, and CONCEALED CARRY GUIDELINES.


*    Presents helpful information, suggestions, and practical Scenarios about the LEGAL Considerations and Guidelines for the use of force in personal defense situations.

1.  ALL AMMO (various Calibers), HANDGUNS (various Calibers), COL BEN'S 300-Page REFERENCE BOOK, Targets, Snacks, Bottled Water, handouts, and Certificate are INCLUDED for FREE. Various shooting and concealed carry-related ARTICLES are also available for FREE to help you.

 2.  Course starts at 8:45 am and finishes about 3:00 pm, depending upon students' experiences and individual one-on-one training time. 

 3.  SPECIAL Course PRICE for dates listed above is $89. per student with above AMMO (various calibers), GUNS USE (various calibers), BOOK, etc. INCLUDED. 

The course fee is to be paid BEFORE class, so course ammo, targets, snacks, water, etc. can be purchased and Course Certificates printed ahead for award at end of class. Class Registration is not complete and class space not finalized until the course Fee is paid. Students must pay a $11. Guest Range Fee (in CASH) on the day of class to Instructors.  

4.  The CLASSROOM  portion for  classes is held in North Pensacola, FL (North Davis Highway & West Florida Hospital  area) OR the GANDER OUTDOORS Pensacola store. The RANGE portion is held at the Santa Rosa Shooting Center on 6950 Quintette Road Pace (or Milton- per GPS), FL, near and East of Cantonment. A $11. Range Fee is to be paid in CASH to the Instructor in the Classroom on the day of the Class before Range shooting.

After completion of Florida State REQUIRED proficiency demonstration using a .22LR pistol, students will have an opportunity to shoot various OTHER CALIBER pistols and revolvers, e.g. .38, .380, .45, 9mm, etc.  pending available time, with AMMO & TARGETS INCLUDED.

BONUS:   If there is a particular handgun you would like to shoot, please tell us before class and we probably CAN BRING IT.




DESCRIPTION- Our "Try Before You Buy" (TBYB) range session is designed for those who have never fired a certain handgun or any handgun before and/or those wanting to try a number of popular concealed carry, home defense, or personal protection handguns BEFORE they make a purchase. OR, just fun shooting of guns you have never fired before. 

 GOAL- This test fire session will help you decide if the gun you are thinking of purchasing will work for you, feels good in your hand with your specific hand and finger size, has comfortable recoil you can control, is easy to shoot with the proper weight for yourself, and meets your overall needs. A great opportunity to test shoot the gun you want to purchase BEFORE spending a lot of money for a non-returnable gun that does not work for you. OR, just have fun shooting some guns you have always wanted to shoot. (By the way-- We do NOT sell guns.) 

 WHAT IS INCLUDED- Try up to 3 Handguns of your choice from our inventory of about 150 current and purposely-selected pistols & revolvers. Fire 7 rounds for each of 3 guns or a total of 21 rounds for 1, 2, or 3 guns. Targets, use of guns, target stand, & 21 total rounds of ammo INCLUDED. For SAFETY: a max of 3-4 guns a session.  

LENGTH OF TIME- 1 Hour is available for one person to shoot up to 3 guns under the direct supervision of a certified range safety officer and certified firearms instructors at a Pensacola, private gun range. This is not an instructional class.  AVAILABLE DAYS & TIMES- Available ANY DAY of the week, except Mondays, by pre-arrangement with Instructor in advance. Start Times are your choice between 10 am and 3 pm daily, by instructor's availability.  

HANDGUNS AVAILABLE- We have an extensive inventory of MANY Modern handguns that are new within the last 3 years or so (through  2019) and that are regularly maintained & safety inspected with few rounds fired through them.  We have FULL-SIZE, COMPACT, SUB-COMPACT, and ULTRA SUB-COMPACT pistols and revolvers for you to try.  

AMMO INCLUDED- 21 Total FMJ Rounds provided for these calibers: 9mm, .380, .38, .40, .22, and .45 only. Additional rounds can be purchased from us if desired for the one-hour time period at a very reasonable price. Contact us for pricing for additional rounds by caliber, weight, and type.  

COST- $50. per shooter. Includes AMMO -and- Up to 3 GUNS

NOTES: A-- Guest Range Fee of $11. required of all shooters to be paid by CASH to the Instructor on day of session BEFORE shooting at the Range.  

B-- TBYB session Fee payable in advance by credit card, money order, check, or cash upon Registration. Registration in advance by phone with credit card available. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

SAFETY Emphasis- MANDATORY proper EYE & EAR PROTECTION required, so bring your own or buy our certified ones for $5. for both (let us know before session.) Range Safety Rules apply. Instructor/Range Safety Officer supervised. TBYB Shooters must be at least 18 years of age and legally able to use a firearm.   

SUGGESTIONS FOR ALL SHOOTERS: (1) Wear Closed-Toed Shoes, no sandals. (2) Wear a Baseball Cap with Visor or bill to deflect spent cartridges. (3) Do NOT wear tank tops or shirts/blouses with lowcut necklines, to help prevent brass burns, injuries. (4) ANSI 87.1 Certified eye protection strongly suggested. (5) ACTIVE Electronic Hearing Protection strongly suggested, in addition to ear plugs, especially for those with hearing-related concerns.


PRE-CLASS Videos for Students to View



Protect Your ONE SET OF EYES!


5 Types of Ear Protection- Consider Electronic Protection


A MINIMUM OF 4 STUDENTS is needed to offer a regular class, whether a scheduled class OR a private class for your group of family members, friends , or co-workers.

-- The Total Instructor's Fee per student is required to be paid BEFORE class, since ammo, targets, snacks, bottled water, certificate printing, etc. must be purchased for class.

--  Class space guarantee and registration  are NOT finalized until the Instructor's Fee is PAID. A Receipt will be provided.

--  All FEES are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. If necessary, rescheduled classes or re-qualification are at the sole discretion of the Instructors.

--  If a students has any medical condition or infirmity and requires any special need, PLEASE let us know BEFORE class attendance, so we can plan for safety and possible health concerns and be aware of accommodation.

Examples: Diabetes, intense shaking, severe muscle tremors, hearing and/or visual impairment, uncontrolled high blood pressure, breathing or heart problems, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

NOTES: (1) Always discuss your medical condition and shooting with your Doctor BEFORE shooting, especially while pregnant or breastfeeding. It is your responsibility to get your Doctor's approval in advance for ANY possible medical complications and conditions.

(2) ALL desiring to attend class and ALL students must be capable of handling and shooting a handgun SAFELY. Deaf and hearing-impaired students are invited to attend classes and may bring with them a qualified person to assist them during instruction. There will not be an ASL-qualified person asssisting the course instructor during the regularly scheduled classes. However, upon request from at least 6 deaf and/or hearing-impaired students, a special course for the deaf-impaired will be planned and conducted with a qualified ASL assistant.

Florida Division of Licensing INFORMATION

Concealed Carry Weapons Licenses (CCWL) are issued by the State of Florida. Our class meets Training Requirements to apply with the State for License issuance.  CLICK below for DETAILS from the State of Florida about Eligibility & Requirements for CCWL.