ENSIGN CHRIS W., USN. This is a great class, taught by two very knowledgeable teachers, who are very good at keeping the atmosphere relaxed & conducive to learning. I truly enjoyed taking the class with them. The class was very helpful & I did learn a lot about handling guns, gun laws, and when you should or should not use your weapon in public. Thank you for the specific & detailed hands on training. The extra commentary & humor helped the class & it  did not seem as long as it was. Using a simulated gun before the real gun was great & it helped to calm my nerves so I could focus on the tasks. The class was very fairly priced for its length & the fact that we got to use their ammo and handguns. The military discount was an added bonus, it would have been worth it without it as well. I recommend the class to anyone, especially those with little to no experience. Thanks again for everything.

DR. MICHAELA & DANIEL W. We had an AMAZING time in class. You both are wonderful & kind & your knowledge & methods of teaching are second to none! We both learned so much in a short time & thank you so much for the class & your patience. Extremely helpful class. All of the concepts were explained in detail & the “hands on” classroom & range experiences were VERY helpful. The legal information was very informative as were the basics, such as proper way to grip a gun. Hearing actual examples of various situations really gave meaning to the concepts & I could listen to Ben’s stories all day long…we loved it! The insights will cause us to view things very differently when carrying. We felt safe at ALL times during the class & on the range. I was so nervous coming in & felt that I was going to do terrible, but at no point did I feel self-conscious or ashamed. Karen & Ben did an excellent job of helping me build my confidence in the handling of a firearm. Col Ben's Book is an excellent resource…very informative & fantastic that they handed out a free copy. Most definitely highly recommend the class!

RICHARD & LYNN S. & DAUGHTERS. The class was very helpful & we learned a lot. Many fundamentals & much material were covered while keeping the class interesting & fun. The situational awareness exercise was helpful & kept the class mood light. The legalities of carrying & using a weapon & the ramifications of your decisions were very insightful. The grip techniques helped me the most & made a big difference in my shooting control & accuracy. But the safe handling range techniques, loading, & unloading were also very useful.  We decided on our home defense pistol based on your insight about how to choose the right gun for your application. We will definitely recommend your class.

SCOBIE W., FORMER DEPUTY SHERIFF- FL, AL,TX; CCW Permit Holder-Multi-States & Pipeline Safety Manager- The class was very helpful, no matter how much experience & training one has, & I enjoyed it. The grip & stance techniques were new to me & I joined the gun club to practice. I found the stories & statistics very enlightening & effective regarding incidents & effectiveness of the different calibers & the right or wrong way of doing things. Ben's teaching method is gentle-but-firm & is very effective. His range safety & control is comforting, especially when around inexperienced shooters. The replica training guns in the classroom were very helpful to reinforce grip & trigger pull in a safe environment. This course was much more expensive in TX. I would recommend any class you teach; I enjoyed learning from you. Thank you.

BEN H. Although I was active duty military for 6 years & spent 3 years in Iraq & Afghanistan, I learned a WEALTH of information from Col Ben. He goes above & beyond what's required to get your carry license & teaches you very important information that is absolutely critical to every gun owner. The NRA class was extremely helpful & I learned a lot about Florida law, gun laws, & handgun knowledge. I appreciate your well-thought-out lessons, anecdotes, & the way you teach the material shows you have a genuine passion.  I recommend Col Ben's classes without reservation.

SADIE M. The class was very helpful & the instructors were informative in first covering the basics & then delving into a deeper understanding. Col Ben was extremely helpful from the legal topics to the shooting techniques to gun safety. I learned a lot about concealed carry. I am a 24-year-old female & was hesitant to take the class & felt uncomfortable with firearms before the class. Col Ben's very thorough instruction made me feel comfortable with guns, safety, & the legal aspects should I ever need to defend myself with deadly force. It wasn't the male-dominated atmosphere I expected, but rather a dissemination of information that was very friendly, inviting, and I felt comfortable. The various scenarios & examples made me more confident about how to protect myself in self-defense situations. I've already recommended this class to others. Thank you!

PAT N. In a short time in the classroom & at the range, Ben & Karen offered great instruction that built a personal rapport & confidence in students. Even with my experienced firearms background & as a CCW license holder, I was able to improve my grip & sighting process. During class Col Ben provided real life case studies that revealed potential situations that CC holders could find themselves involved in. I really was astonished with the home burglary shooting case & appreciate this as an experienced CCW holder. The information you provided about the legalities of CC made me realize how little I know & what I really need to study in Col Ben's book to become aware of what could get me into expensive legal trouble. Life-changing events can happen in a few seconds. Another topic of special interest to me was sight picture. I was also impressed with the way they worked with the students who had very little gun experience. They were able to teach them so much in a short period of time. And help us old dogs learn new tricks. I recommend to anyone looking to attend this type of class, to spend the extra money & get the correct teaching. Since they offer the class with 3 students max to each instructor, the class is a top priority for anyone wanting to carry or own a firearm. Thank you.

WAYNE F., COL, USMC (Ret)/Pilot. This training course was outstanding; well-organized; well-presented. Even though I've had considerable training as a Marine Corps officer, I learned several new skills that have helped my shooting & my safety practices. I particularly liked the tag-team teaching instruction in the classroom with Col Ben and Karen. This kept the classroom moving very well & was a nice change of pace. Col Ben's humor and thorough knowledge really enhanced the instruction. The simulated handguns were very helpful for preparing ahead for the range live fire. A terrific course! I checked several Concealed Carry courses & found this one to be the best value by far. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is pursuing a Concealed Carry License and to anyone who wants to improve their shooting skills.

CAROLYN & BOYD A., New York. Thank you for a truly enjoyable & very rewarding handgun & concealed carry experience. The class was great & the range experience provided an opportunity for us to advance our skills. We have finished reading Col Ben's book from cover to cover & it is invaluable. We enjoyed your book so much that we added it to our Kindle. Boyd & I are so pleased to have met you both & that we traveled from New York to experience your fine class. We do hope our paths cross again soon. 

 ANDY R. I am unable to express in words the many things I learned in your class and at the range. All  topics were very thoroughly covered and instruction of the highest level. I cannot thank you enough for all the concealed carry and handgun essentials. Your concealed carry and handguns book has a wealth of information, tools, & guidance & is a must have reference book. I hope to keep in touch with you in the future about selecting my best carry gun. Bless you and Karen!  

INDI F.  Thank you for a most awesome class. All the information was tremedously beneficial, especially the proper sight alignment & sight picture techniques. Very valuable. Another main reinforcement was to keep practicing keeping my finger off the trigger. The examples used were great, painted accurate pictures, and helped to get across your messages very clearly. The legal information was extremely important and clarified my understanding of the many concerns of a deadly force encounter. I understand better the need to safeguard myself and family and if possible safely avoid certain situations. The instructors are very knowledgeable, used very beneficial examples, and were always patient, friendly, kind & helpful. I absolutely recommend this class.  

 MARY R. I just want to say thank you for such an informative class. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised and am so appreciative for all the knowledge that was shared. I will be recommending your class to my friends. Thank you again.  

BOB W. Thank you for helping make our church's annual gun handling and safety training event successful and for providing your book. During this year I am going to keep encouraging those who carry and plan to carry to get your book and apply its instruction. I'm also going to continue encouraging our leadership to provide annual refresher training and continue to recommend we use your services.

MARY, MANNY, & GIRLS, IT Manager, Medical Tech, School Teacher, Project Engineer, Houston, TX. (Experienced & Inexperienced shooters.) Thank you so much for everything. If you are ever in our Houston area, we would be happy to take you to dinner. We enjoyed the class & the time just flew by.  It was very informative and even though 2 of us had taken a gun safety class before, we talked about how much more we learned in this class. Your 4-Step Shooting Process was tremendously helpful and the guidelines for correcting your accuracy, how to correctly hold a gun, and proper aiming techniques were great. The bank robbery and parking spot scenarios helped us realistically think about all the situational considerations. You made the class personable and interesting and you were extrememly patient to those who had never shot a gun before. The video and your articles helped us learn a lot. Most definitely will recommend your class. Looking forward to your concealed carry book.

ATHENA & AMBER, Mom & Daughter. We definitely enjoyed the class & range instructions. Ben and Karen were wonderful instructors & things did not get monotonous. They were extremely friendly, patient, with great senses of humor. It seemed to have went by entirely too quickly. I learned a LOT! The APA Checklist for using deadly force & applying it in scenarios was most important. The proper 8 fundamentals were very helpful. Also useful were the trigger actions types, the penetration, expansion, travel distance of bullets, etc. The examples were spot on & helped make sense of the subjects. The incident of the home intruder stealing equipment was very eye opening. I really appreciate Col Ben's book & have already referred back to it to refresh my memory. It is a wonderful reference tool. I have recommended your class to co-workers. Thank you again!